A community that is better together

Health and nutrition

We believe we can build stronger communities when we work together to make a positive difference and support each other in times of need. A community that is better together is one where we protect our most vulnerable and prioritise the health and wellbeing of our customers.

We want to provide all Australians with great tasting Coles Brand products that deliver healthier choices for our customers and meet their dietary needs.  
We have a Coles Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle Charter that outlines our nutrition commitment to wellbeing:

  • We support the Australian Dietary Guidelines and promote the benefits of well-balanced healthy eating plans. We support the Australian Government Guide to Healthy Eating.
  • We do not recommend a specific diet or eating plan for general population nutrition needs. We have a No Dietary fads position. We respect the right of individuals to make informed personal health and lifestyle choices.
  • We will promote the benefits of physical activity as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • We help our customers identify healthy food choices using in-store, online and on-pack initiatives to understand and interpret nutrition information. Coles is aligned to the Federal Government Health Star Rating front of pack labelling system for eligible products.
  • Coles Brand Nutrition policies ensure that all nutrition initiatives are scientifically substantiated, responsible and relevant to consumers, in formulating our products and communicating nutrition information.
  • We strive to continuously enhance the nutritional value of our Coles Brand foods by:
    • reducing energy, sodium / salt, saturated fat, and sugar levels; and
    • increasing dietary fibre, wholegrains, fruit and vegetable, and protein without compromising safety, quality, value and taste.
  • We will offer responsible recipe, serving, and portion size suggestions to help customers meet nutrient needs including total energy intake.

We have developed a range of policies that cover salt, sugar and saturated fat reduction, the use of artificial colours and flavours, and nutrition and health labelling for our Coles Brand products.

Through product reviews and reformulations, nutritional value is being improved while maintaining great quality, value and taste.

We work with food industry bodies and public health groups to address key public health challenges including through our participation in the federal government’s Healthy Food Partnership. Coles also sits on the Vegetable Intake Strategic Alliance committee, chaired by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia’s national science agency.

Coles also supports the Health Star Rating, a Federal Government front-of-pack labelling program aimed at assisting customers to make healthier choices when buying packaged foods. Health Star Ratings are currently displayed on over 2,400 Coles Brand products (as of 30 June 2020).

Promoting healthy lifestyles and communities

We are passionate about our fresh food offering and promoting health and wellbeing in the community.

Through a major partnership with Little Athletics Australia, we are providing support and resources to athletics centres around the country to foster athletics in the community and help Australian children to live active, healthy lives. Olympic champion, Sally Pearson and Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist, Brandon Starc are partnership ambassadors.

An important aspect of the partnership is the Coles Little Athletics Community Fund which provides Little Athletics centres with grants up to $5,000 for sports equipment. Funds for the Coles sports grants are raised through the sale of specially marked chiller bags designed by Australian children and sold at Coles. With every bag sold, 25 cents goes to support the fund.

We are also donating millions of bananas to Little Athletics Centres around the country.

In 2018, Coles also brought back our popular Sports for Schools program and 7,000 schools across Australia participated by collecting over 200 million vouchers from Coles and redeeming them for more than $10 million worth of sports equipment.

Coles has also reconnected with our historic roots by partnering with Collingwood Football Club’s Community Foundation with an aim to double its offer of meals and accommodation for homeless people in Melbourne.

The partnership comes 104 years after Coles founder GJ Coles established his first variety store in Smith Street, Collingwood.

Coles and the Collingwood Football Club Community Foundation are working together to support a range of initiatives to make a genuine difference in the community, including programs assisting people who are facing disadvantage and homelessness. Coles also supports women’s sport and disability programs, the Community Centre at Victoria Park and helps to grow the club’s community sports presence.

Product safety and quality

We are committed to providing our customers with safe, high quality products.

Coles' range of Own Brand products is made up of Coles Brand (which includes grocery, non-grocery, fresh produce, meat, deli and dairy), Coles Finest and Mix apparel. In FY19, Coles Own Brand products were recognised with more than 100 awards and recognitions.

All Coles Own Brand suppliers use a web-based product and supplier database, Fusion, which enables product traceability and strict adherence to quality compliance standards such as declarable allergens, certifications and nutritional information.

Coles' Manufacturing Supplier Standards for Food cover product safety and quality, packaging and all claims, such as those related to animal welfare, sustainable palm oil and responsibly sourced seafood. They are based on world's best practice and go beyond Australian regulatory standards.

All factories supplying Coles Own Brand products are regularly audited to confirm compliance to product safety and quality standards.

During FY19, our rigorous supplier testing program for Coles Own Brand completed more than 200,000 checks covering allergens, imported food, residue, organic products, authenticity and microbiology.

Partnering with the community

Coles is proud of our 106-year contribution to Australia and is committed to serving the communities in which it operates.

Coles’ contribution to the community goes beyond being one of Australia’s largest employers. The business provides significant financial assistance and in-kind donations to national, state and local community partners.

In FY20, Coles’ total community support was more than $139 million, which included direct community support of more than $125 million with an additional $14 million contributed by customers, team members and suppliers. This is a 21% increase compared with FY19.

Coles' national community partners are SecondBite and Redkite. In addition to these national partnerships, Coles also supports a range of state and local initiatives which help reduce disadvantage, drive improved health outcomes, reduce environmental impacts, assist the food and grocery sector and contribute to schools and community groups.

To help young people live healthy, active lives, Coles supermarkets also partners with Little Athletics Australia to provide support and resources to more than 500 athletics centres across Australia.

More information on our community partners, including information on applying for support , can be found here.

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Responsible service

Our vision to be the most trusted retailer in Australia carries specific responsibilities when operating our liquor stores in the community. We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our team and our customers and aim to always promote the responsible sale and consumption of alcohol and tobacco. More information on responsible service can be found in Coles 2020 Sustainability Report.