Our strategy

Making life easier

Our five-year Fresh Tomorrow strategy sets the priorities for Coles to make life easier for our customers, suppliers, partners and our team members.

The success of Coles' business strategy will be measured with reference to comparable sales growth, sales per square metre, earnings, customer satisfaction and team member engagement.

Transform food offer

Building on a foundation of strong fresh sales growth, Coles will continue to innovate and improve its fresh offer, with a focus on offering great quality Australian-grown products that customers want, and will continue to partner closely with its suppliers. Coles will also further grow its own brand portfolio, which has increased to 29% of sales in FY2018.

Move towards Every Day Low Prices

Coles has consistently committed to providing trusted value to customers, having delivered nine consecutive years of price deflation. Coles will continue to invest in price, with more products to be offered on Every Day Low Prices and fewer, deeper and more relevant promotions.

Offer anytime, anywhere shopping

Coles recognises that customer expectations are rapidly changing and therefore it needs to continue to invest in a suite of convenient shopping alternatives including digital channels such as Coles Online and the Coles mobile application, and a range of convenient delivery options, such as home delivery and Click&Collect to ensure an end-to-end experience that meets customers’ needs.

Land the right offer in the right location

Coles will seek to continue to improve its extensive national store network by leveraging customer insights, innovations and technology to drive its store renewal programs, tailoring stores and product ranges to the shopping missions of local customers across its brands.

Reduce costs

Coles aims to streamline its cost base and leverage technology to deliver a simplified store environment and a modernised supply chain. For example, this will be achieved through the continued investment in technology, the use of data and analytics to simplify product ranges, and through removing complexity from processes across the business.

Win together

Coles recognises that it is through its team members feeling proud to work at Coles, its customers feeling proud to shop at Coles and the community feeling proud to partner with Coles that everyone truly wins together. So Coles is focussed on having safety in the DNA of Coles, being famous for building great careers and growing talent and being known for community engagement, underpinned by our leadership behaviours to deliver sustainable results over the long term.