Our strategy

Our purpose is Helping Australians eat and live better every day.

Our priority is to provide leading food, drink and home solutions that are delicious, sustainable and healthy for our customers. We seek to deliver a consistent experience for our customers every day, both in-store and online.

We aim to deliver on our purpose by focusing on three strategic pillars:

  • Destination for food and drink is why our customers come to Coles and what we aspire to be known for. We will tailor our product range, quality, value, merchandising and communication to meet and surpass our customers’ needs.
  • Accelerated by digital is how we intend to meet our customers’ increasing digital usage by creating an easier, faster and more enjoyable omnichannel shopping experience.
  • Delivered consistently for the future is our focus on delighting our customers with our food and drink offering each and every day, today and into the future.

Underpinning our strategic pillars are two foundational building blocks:

  • Win Together is recognition that we only succeed together with our team, community and suppliers.
  • Foundations of financial discipline, technology, and data help us deliver on our strategic pillars and enable us to drive value for our stakeholders.

By focusing on what matters most to our customers and prioritising our investment accordingly, we are confident that Coles will deliver on our vision to become the most trusted retailer in Australia and grow long-term shareholder value.

Our vision is to become the most trusted retailer in Australia and grow long-term shareholder value. Destination for food and drink, accelerated by digital, delivered consistently for the future. Win together, team, community, suppliers. Foundations, financial discipline, technology, data. Helping Australians eat and live better lives every day. We are proudly Coles. Care, Courage, Customers, Create.