Partnering with Coles

Collaborating on the Ariba Network

For goods not for resale, collaboration on all sourcing and contracting activity is conducted via the Ariba Network, an online marketplace for buyers and sellers. This includes requests for information, proposals, quotes, participation in online auctions and contract negotiations.

All core Purchase-to-Pay activity (ordering, fulfillment and invoicing) is also conducted via the Ariba Network, providing a seamless, efficient interaction.

SAP Ariba will:

  • Simplify, automate and digitise the Source-to-Pay processes
  • Allow Coles and our suppliers to collaborate and transact electronically making the process simpler, more accurate, transparent and efficient
  • Facilitate process integrity as it provides visibility through the entire process
  • Provide security as all submissions are protected by visibility restrictions in the system, allowing only approved personnel to view responses at the appropriate time in the tendering process

For more information on Ariba, please visit www.ariba.comOpens in new window.

For more information on engaging with Coles via the Ariba Network, please refer to the Coles Sourcing Supplier information packOpens in new window.

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