I want to buy or sell my Coles Group shares. How can I do this?Collapsed
How can I find out more information about my shares?Collapsed
How many shares do I hold? Collapsed
How do I consolidate several holdings? Collapsed
I have become a shareholder in Coles as a consequence of the Demerger from Wesfarmers. How can I find out information about my shares now?Collapsed
Has my tax file number information transferred from Wesfarmers Computershare?Collapsed
Where can I find out about dividends?Collapsed
I have not received / I have lost my last dividend cheque. What should I do?Collapsed
Does Coles Group offer a Dividend Reinvestment Plan?Collapsed
How can I arrange dividends to be paid electronically?Collapsed
How do I change my banking instructions for payment of dividends?Collapsed
Will I receive my dividends by cheque?Collapsed
How do I update my name or address?Collapsed
How can I join the Coles Group Email Alert list and what happens when I join?Collapsed
Are shareholders entitled to a discount card at any of your businesses?Collapsed
What format are electronic copies of Coles Group Limited reports in?Collapsed