Reconciliation Action Plan

At Coles, we’re driven by our purpose of helping Australians eat and live better every day, which we extend to First Nations people across the country through the lens of our RAP.

For many years Coles has been actively invested in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement and we are pleased to have made important achievements in partnership with First Nations communities across the country.

We’re proud to say that 3.5% of our Coles Group team members identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, making us one of the largest private sector employers of Indigenous Australians. In addition, we’re connected to more than 60 Indigenous businesses through our supply chain and are taking steps every day to further understanding and recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories and knowledge across the business.

We recognise there is still more to do, and we are committed to enhancing our contributions and our ambitions in this space, guided by the framework of our RAP.

Our RAP sets out our ambition to win together through demonstrable impact aligned to three priority areas:

  1. Mutually Beneficial and Trusted Relationships
  2. Building Our Cultural Knowledge and Understanding
  3. Self-Determination and Economic Advancement

These priority areas have measurable targets and align to the five dimensions of reconciliation and Reconciliation Australia’s core RAP pillars of Relationships, Respect and Opportunities.

Our vision for reconciliation is to create an environment where Coles and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colleagues, customers and communities can win together, and we recognise that partnering with Reconciliation Australia and joining the leadership cohort of the RAP program will boost our collective abilities to improve opportunities and outcomes for First Nations communities.

For more details on our commitments, view our Stretch RAPStretch Reconciliation Action Plan, View PDF, file size 10.5MBOpens in new window.