Human rights in the supply chain

Coles Group is committed to the fair treatment of all workers in our supply chains.

Coles supermarkets engage with more than 750 Coles Own Brand suppliers, operating at over 2,200 sites and located in more than 40 countries. We acknowledge the importance of safeguarding human rights through ethical business practices within this supply chain.

Our Ethical Sourcing PolicyOpens in new window and Ethical Sourcing Supplier RequirementsOpens in new window cover a range of key labour indicators including wages and benefits, working hours, freedom of association, safe working conditions, discrimination, forced or bonded labour, child labour and illegal labour.

The Policy applies to all suppliers providing Coles Own Brand products, fresh produce and meat sold in Coles supermarkets. Other suppliers agree to meet the Policy as part of their contract terms and conditions.

Coles takes a risk-based approach to ethical sourcing across all sites that directly supply Coles Own Brand products, meat and fresh produce.

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