Coles takes the cake at this year’s Product of the Year awards

Nine products voted Australia’s best for quality and innovation

15 November2019

The results are in – and more than 10,000 Australians have voted nine Coles Own Brand products from across the supermarket aisles as winners at the 2019 Product of the Year awards.

The triple layer “Coles Drip Cake” is set to become the next social media sensation after it won over the eyes and tastebuds of the testing panel who awarded it the best cake in the country. Served straight off the shelf or decorated with a personal touch, the cake eliminates the stress of baking and makes entertaining easier.

Following last year’s cracking success at Christmas, the popular Coles Crackling Ham also wowed judges with its flavoursome taste and crispy crackling, along with Coles Finest sourdough rolls by Laurent, Ash Brie and Coles Green Choice Bathroom Cleaner.

Product of the Year is the world’s largest consumer-voted awards program which recognises product innovation and serves as a shortcut for shoppers helping them to save time and money.

Coles Chief Executive Commercial and Express Greg Davis said that Coles strives to inspire customers with great value and innovation with its Own Brand products.

“Our vision is to be the most trusted retailer in Australia, and we’re delighted to see customers have chosen a variety of different Coles products as best on shelf,” Greg said.

“Our product development teams work closely with some of Australia’s best producers to create new and innovative products to make life easier for our customers and help us fulfil our strategy to make Coles an Own Brand Powerhouse.

“The Coles Drip Cake range is a perfect example of providing value and making life easier for our customers. We’ve developed a product that’s delicious, fantastic quality and great value but also can act as a blank canvas for customers to create their own masterpiece for any special occasion without breaking the bank.

“We’ve seen Coles Own Brand significantly evolve over the past 18 months and we now offer more variety than ever before, and we will continue to listen to customers to drive innovation and develop products our customers will love.”

Catalogue Tight Pref Ham Cake Dress
Coles Pink Vanilla Drip Cake

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Coles takes the cake at this year’s Product of the Year awards

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