New 10 year contract sows seeds for SA and Vic farming families

Coles will commence a unique 10 year deal with 12 farming families in Victoria and South Australia today to help Coles supply sow stall free pork to customers.

1 February 2017

The new contract with producer group, TOP Pork Pty Ltd, means Coles will source directly from pig producers on the eastern seaboard for the first time.

Up to 3500 pigs will be sourced each week from around 12 family farms which are part of the TOP Pork group which was formed around 20 years ago.

Producer Jeff Braun and his son, Tom, supply genetics to the TOP Pork group and will sell pigs directly to Coles for the first time.

“As a producer, we see great value in the model of embarking in a direct relationship with our customer,” Tom said.

“The long term contract with Coles gives our business long-term security and the confidence to invest in facilities to increase production and improve productivity.”

TOP Pork Chairman Rory McEwan welcomed the deal, saying it allows TOP Pork to establish security for the group in the future.

“Supplying directly to Coles is the best way forward. Agriculture has two choices – you can grow and hope to sell, or you can build relationships. By selling directly to Coles we can develop a better understanding of consumers, and ensure we are able to provide exactly what the customer wants,” he said.

“This deal is our future. We need long-term security and long-term certainty, and this contract is taking the risk out of business for these farmers for the next ten years,” he said.

Coles Merchandise Director Chris Nicholas said the new contract underscores Coles’ commitment to customers that fresh pork at Coles is 100 per cent Australian grown and sow stall free.

“We are delighted to commence this 10 year supply contract for Coles with 12 farming families and introduce a new direct sourcing arrangement to help Coles offer sow stall free pork for customers on the eastern seaboard,” he said.

“We know our customers are passionate about buying top quality, great tasting pork. This new contract with 12 farming families will enable Coles customers to continue to purchase Australian-grown sow stall free pork for years to come.”

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New 10 year contract sows seeds for SA and Vic farming families

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