South Australians Growers double down on new Veggie

Back to Latest News South Australian growers double down on new veggie Following the success of the vegetable on customers’ plates, almost 65,000 kilograms of Kalettes are expected to be sold in Coles supermarkets this year as the innovative hybrid vegetable sprouts back onto shelves now.

01 May 2017

Coles customers rejoice as Kalettes sprout back into season

Back by unprecedented demand, South Australian growers Samwell & Sons, have planted twice as many Kalettes this year.

Kalettes are grown in the Adelaide Hills by family business Samwell & Sons in collaboration with Fresh Select, and were available to Australians exclusively through Coles.

Over the past two years, their Kalettes crop has grown five-fold from 12,000 kilograms in 2015 to 65,000 kilograms this year.

The first new vegetable introduced to Australia since broccolini almost a decage ago, Kalettes, was originally developed in the UK with the intention of creating a vegetable that was versatile, easy to cook and visually appealing. Featuring the best flavours from kale and Brussel sprouts, the result is a fresh fusion of sweet and nutty, making it perfect for any dish or meal.

Third-generation farmer and Samwell & Sons Managing Director, Scott Samwell, saw the Kalettes trend emerging around the globe and recognised the opportunity to introduce a fresh and delicious vegetable to the Australian market.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the interest in Kalettes since their debut two years ago. They’re quick and versatile making it easy for Australians to add something delicious and different to their meals. Kalettes can be sautéed, steamed, blanched, roasted or grilled or eaten raw in salads – making them perfect for any dish.

“My family has been growing Brussels sprouts for more than 50 years and to be able to work with Fresh Select to bring a new vegetable to Aussies has been really important to our business,” Scott said.

Coles General Manager Fresh Produce, Brad Gorman, said, “Our customers’ love for Kalettes continues to grow, so we’re excited to have a partner in Fresh Select and Samwell & Sons to supply an additional 30,000 kilograms this year.

“Coles is committed to supporting innovation in farming and growers like the Samwell family, who are willing to explore opportunities and take a chance on something bold - such as bringing in a brand new vegetable to Australia for our customers to try.

“We’re delighted to see how much Australians have embraced Kalettes and are excited to see this season’s harvest available on our shelves.”

Kalettes are now available exclusively at Coles supermarkets nationally in a 160 gram pre-packaged bag and loose in select stores.

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