Popular Vietnamese flavours roll into Coles

Roll’d Vietnamese launches pantry items and special sauces to create its much-loved rice paper rolls at home

2 June 2021

Coles customers can roll, dip and eat authentic Vietnamese rice paper rolls at home, with sauces and ingredients from popular quick-service restaurant Roll’d now available to purchase for the first time, exclusively from Coles supermarkets.

The exclusive distribution deal comes as demand for Asian foods at Coles has increased by 16% over the past year, with Australian families looking to expand their repertoire as they eat more meals at home.

Founded by the Hoang family in 2012 with a single store in Melbourne’s CBD, Roll’d has since expanded to 86 stores across Australia, with a menu of authentic Vietnamese flavours that has made it a favourite for Aussies seeking healthy and tasty food on the go.

Coles customers can now enjoy the chain’s signature “Roll’d Vietnamese Soldiers” at home using the same delicious ingredients and flavours used in the restaurant, including Roll’d’s rice vermicelli, rice paper and authentic sauces including Nuoc Mam, Hoisin, Spicy Hoisin, and Chilli Mayo.

Roll’d Vietnamese Founder and CEO Bao Hoang said the partnership with Coles has enabled the business to expand and reach new customers across Australia.

“Teaching Australians to roll their very own Roll’d Vietnamese Soldiers through this new Coles grocery partnership is a natural extension for us beyond the traditional QSR arena,” he said.

“We’re excited to be sharing our authentic Vietnamese eats and recipes to the wider community, going into homes, lunchboxes and onto dinner tables with fresh, family meal options that are healthier and guilt-free. Through our partnership with Coles we have the opportunity to expand into new locations and it means our existing customers will have greater access to our products across the country.”

Coles General Manager for Grocery Leanne White said Coles was delighted to partner with Roll’d to offer its traditional Vietnamese ingredients exclusively to Coles customers.

“We know Australians love the authentic Vietnamese taste of Roll’d, and now they can enjoy the same delicious flavours at home using exactly the same ingredients used in their stores,” she said.

“At Coles, we’re committed to working with the best suppliers in the country to innovate, expand and diversify our grocery aisles with authentic cuisines and flavours of the world.

“Our data shows that over the past year alone, the demand for Asian food has increased by more than 16% at Coles so we see this as a great opportunity to cater to the increasing demand for Asian food while also supporting family businesses like Roll’d to reach more customers through our supermarket network.”

Roll’d Vietnamese products are simple to use, preservative and additive-free, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

More than just another condiment for the fridge, Roll’d sauces are bottled with love and share the sweet and spicy flavours of the Hoang kitchen. They’re naturally gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly.

The famed Sticky Hoisin and Spicy Hoisin contains hints of peanut flavour, spices and garlic, while the delicious Chilli Mayo is creamy with a punch. For a full-bodied traditional flavour, Mama Hoang’s Nuoc Mam delivers a hit of fish sauce, balanced with sugar and chilli.

The Roll’d Vietnamese range available at selected Coles stores includes:

Product Price
Roll'd Rice Vermicelli, 400g $3.50
Roll'd Rice Paper, 375g $4
Roll'd Hoisin Sauce, 375mL $6
Roll'd Spicy Hoisin Sauce, 375mL $6
Roll'd Nuoc Mam Sauce, 375mL $6
Roll'd Chilli Mayo Sauce, 375mL $6

Roll’d Vietnamese launches pantry items and special sauces to create its much-loved rice paper rolls at home

Popular Vietnamese flavours roll into Coles

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