Latitude Financial cyber incident

15 April 2023

As a former service provider, Latitude Financial Services has informed Coles Financial Services that historical Coles Credit Card holder data has been affected by the recent cyber incident impacting their business. Latitude has not yet advised Coles of the number of impacted customers or specific details of the breach.

Latitude is currently contacting impacted customers. We understand that this cyber incident is concerning. For more information on the steps you can take to protect your personal information please visit Latitude’s cyber incident information page on its website at Latitude Cyber Incident ( .

In March 2018, Coles Financial Services moved its Credit Cards to Citibank. In the event you have any questions about your current Coles Mastercard please visit our Coles Financial Services contact centre page on our website at Contact us | Coles Credit Cards .

We are disappointed that this cyber incident has taken place and apologise for the inconvenience and uncertainty created. 

Latitude Financial cyber incident

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