Kids design new bags as Coles replaces plastic bags

Local charities to benefit from sale of reusable bags at Coles.

05 March 2018

Local charities to benefit from sale of reusable bags at Coles

Fourteen school children from across Australia will see their colourful artwork produced on millions of reusable shopping bags when Coles replaces its single-use plastic bags.

The 14 kids have been selected as the winners of Coles’ bag design competition, which was instigated as part of Coles’ transition away from single-use plastic bags in all supermarkets by July 1.

The talented winning artists represent communities across the country from the remote town of Kaniva in Victoria’s Wimmera to suburban Melbourne and Sydney, the north and south coasts of New South Wales and Perth.

The winners range in age from eight to 17 years and the themes of the impressive designs include flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, the sunset and forest.

The new bags will help raise funds for four community organisations – Clean Up Australia, Little Athletics, SecondBite and Guide Dogs Australia – with a portion of sales being directed to the worthy causes.
Coles Managing Director John Durkan said the sale of reusable bags was a win-win for the environment and for the four community organisations.

“We are very pleased to announce that these new range of reusable bags will not only help the environment, but will also be supporting four organisations that are important to local communities,” he said.

“These reusable bags will be a celebration of young Australian talent and the passion that children share for helping the environment. The wonderful efforts of these budding artists will be seen and appreciated by millions of customers who shop at Coles each week.”

SecondBite CEO Jim Mullan said the food relief organisation was delighted to receive 20 cents from the large re-usable shoulder bags to be sold at Coles for $2.

“The money raised will support the work of SecondBite and helps to fund the collection of surplus food, the sorting, storage and redistribution to community food programs right around Australia. For every large shoulder bag that’s sold at Coles for $2, we will be able to provide the equivalent of a meal to a person in need,” he said.

As part of the competition, Coles received more than 1000 bag design entries from primary and secondary school students across Australia. Each of the 14 winners will receive a $5,000 grant for their school to spend on an environmental or sustainability project.

The winning designs will be applied to four different types of durable, multi-use shopping bags including a shoulder bag, a chiller bag, a tote and a jute bag - with the first series going on sale from World Environment Day on June 5.

The bags are environmentally friendly because they can be used over and over again. Then, at the end of their lives, they can be recycled at REDcycle bins at Coles supermarkets.

The announcement coincides with Clean Up Australia Day this Sunday, 4 March when thousands of Australians, including Coles team members, take to their local park, beach, bushland and streets to clean up their local environment.

Emily: 11 years old

Emily: 11 years old fromAspect Northern Rivers School, NSW
Charity: SecondBite

Lachie: 8 years old

Lachie: 8 years old from Blackburn Lake Primary School, Victoria
Charity: Little Athletics

Charlie: 11 years old

Charlie: 11 years old from Caralee Community School, WA
Charity: Little Athletics

Huiling: 15 years old

Huiling: 5 years old from Cumberland High School, NSW
Charity: Guide Dogs

Brandi: 10 years old

Brandi: 10 years old from Epsom Primary School, Victoria
Charity: SecondBite

Ella: 16 years old

Ella: 16 years old from Moruya High School, NSW
Charity: Guide Dogs

Reem: 15 years old

Reem: 15 years old from Sirius College, Victoria
Charity: Clean Up Australia

Wenya: 8 years old

Wenya: 8 years old from Blackburn Lake Primary School, Victoria
Charity: SecondBite

Hiro: 16 years old

Hiro: 16 years old from Hornsby Girls High School, NSW
Charity: Guide Dogs

Remmi: 16 years old

Remmi: 16 years old from Kaniva College, Victoria
Charity: SecondBite

Lily : 17 years old

Lily: 17 years old from Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Victoria
Charity: SecondBite

Kassidy: 9 years old

Kassidy: 9 years old from Ross Creek Woady Yaloak Primary School, Victoria
Charity: Guide Dogs

Su Yen: 17 years old

Su Yen: 17 years old from Swinburne Secondary College, Victoria
Charity: Little Athletics

Veranika Yarshevich: 13 years old

Veranika Yarshevich: 13 years old from Suzanne Cory High School, Victoria
Charity: Little Athletics

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Kids design new bags as Coles replaces plastic bags

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