Fire up the barbie: Curtis Stone launches sizzling new BBQ collection at Coles to give value to customers 

•    Customers to earn BBQ credits to redeem the Curtis Stone BBQ Collection for FREE when they spend $20 or more in one transaction and scan their Flybuys1  
•    First-ever Coles collectable range designed by Michelin award winning chef Curtis Stone
•    BONUS BBQ credits2 available on over 1200 products from 19 participating brands to fast-track credits

27 September 2023

With warm weather just around the corner, Coles is providing customers with great value and quality, collaborating with Michelin award winning chef Curtis Stone to reward Aussies with a range of outdoor cookware this spring and summer.

Research reveals that during summer one in three Australians are barbecuing weekly, and this year Coles is helping them level up their barbecue game with Curtis’ first-ever collectable range3. The collection includes eight unique pieces to inspire customers to cook like a Michelin chef in their own backyard.

From Wednesday 4 October, the sizzling collection will be available for FREE when customers earn ‘BBQ credits’. Customers will earn one ‘BBQ credit’ for every $20 spent in one transaction and scan their Flybuys card. Once they have enough credits, they can redeem a piece from the collection instore at Coles or from Coles Online (excludes Coles app). *

To showcase the new collection, over the next three months Curtis will share seasonal BBQ recipes in the Coles Magazine, on Coles Online and in store along with his tips and tricks to barbecue and grill like a pro. His recipes will feature fresh and in season ingredients including Coles Finest meat and bakery products to show customers how to get the most out of the collection. And to help Aussies get their hands on the BBQ products faster, Coles is offering customers one BONUS credit when they purchase one of over 100 Coles Finest products across the store. 

The range is made from durable materials to withstand high heat and includes: a stainless-steel spatula and tongs set, a carving knife and fork with a Japanese steel blade, BBQ grill basket, teppanyaki plate, heat proof mitts, a marinade dish with a leak-poof lid, two-sided carving board and multi-purpose BBQ shears that can even open a well-earned frosty beer. For those cooking inside, the barbecue products can also be used in the kitchen making them a versatile addition to any household. 

Coles ambassador and Michelin award winning chef Curtis Stone said he was looking forward to inspiring Aussies with easy-to-use barbecue tools for when they fire up the grill.

“Aussies love to barbecue, and I’m so proud to be launching my first ever collectable collection to offer Coles customers a great value way to get creative with their outdoor cooking,” he said.

“My aim has always been to inspire home cooks, and to make cooking simple and delicious. whether it’s perfecting a delicious marinade for your steak with the marinade dish or sizzling the perfect chicken skewer on the teppanyaki plate, the range has something for everyone.”

Coles Chief Customer Officer Amanda McVay said Coles was excited to partner with Curtis Stone to provide more value to customers at the checkout and help Aussies come together around the barbecue this entertaining season.   

“Our customers love our collectables programs, and we now have provided over 28 million kitchen items to households across the country for free,” she said.

“This year we’re giving customers more reason to celebrate the arrival of warm weather, rewarding them with our first collectable range designed by Curtis Stone so they can enjoy cooking our in season fresh produce on the barbecue,” she said. 

“To increase the accessibility of the program to those who may not spend as much on their weekly shop we’re offering the popular ‘half credits, half pay’ option which allows shoppers to redeem their credits in-store at Coles or through Coles Online (excludes Coles app) using half of the BBQ credits and half of the retail price.”  
Customers can supercharge their credits and fast track their collection by looking out for more than 1,200 participating products that are offering BONUS credits. Participating brands include Coles Finest, Colgate, Connoisseur, Mortein, Palmolive, Airwick, Aerogard, Downy, and Fairy at Coles as part of their $20 or more shop, meaning they can earn multiple BONUS credits within one transaction. 
Customers are also encouraged to look out for QR codes in store and in the Coles Magazine to access sizzling recipe content using Coles’ fresh meat, bakery and in season fruit and vegetable products to take their skills to the next level.

Curtis Stone’s BBQ collection will be available for redemption and purchase in store and online (excludes Coles app) from Wednesday 4 October, while stocks last, starting from 16 credits for the Multi-Purpose BBQ Shears.


The eight-piece collection is made from durable materials like cast iron, stainless steel and titanium-coated steel to withstand high heat.

Multi-purpose BBQ Shears, 16 credits: With razor-sharp, titanium-coated blades, these shears are the ideal tool for cutting a whole chook into portions. And they’re also versatile – they can crack shelled nuts, strip herbs, open bottles and scale fish.

Heat Proof Mitts, 24 credits: Handle hot grills using these long double-lined mitts with silicone grips. Heat resistant up to 300°C, wear them when cooking for safe handling. 

Marinade Dish, 36 credits: With a leak-proof lid and a separate basket to drain liquid, this dish is  must-have for mess-free and convenient marinating.