Eco-bottle targets wine industry’s carbon hotspot

20 June 2022

A wine bottle made entirely from Australian-sourced 100% recycled PET plastic is helping to reshape the carbon footprint of wine by targeting the industry’s environmental hotspot, the glass bottle.

In a collaboration between sustainable packaging pioneers Packamama and winemakers Accolade Wines and Taylors Wines, eco-bottles of Banrock Station wines and Taylors’ One Small Step range are for sale exclusively through select Liquorland and First Choice Liquor Market stores nationally from this month. 

The launch marks the Australian market debut of the eco-bottles. 

With a nod to tradition, Packamama’s innovative eco-bottle shares the classic high-shouldered silhouette of a traditional ‘Bordeaux’ wine bottle. But when turned to the side, it reveals a slimmer, flatter profile that allows twice as many bottles to fit in a standard wine case – which means it’s much more efficient to transport. Using recycled PET also saves weight and with the bottles being 83% lighter, emissions in transport are reduced as well as the energy in production and recycling to further tackle greenhouse gas emissions. 

The freight-friendly bottle has the potential to significantly reduce the road transport burden and emissions for wine in Australia. 

Were both Accolade Wines and Taylors Wines to switch entirely to eco-bottles, it would cut an impressive 250,000 kms of road freight a year or the equivalent of a semi-trailer travelling from Melbourne to Broome 50 times.

And when customers are finished with their Banrock Station and One Small Step Wines, the empty bottle is fully recyclable.*

While the shape of the eco-bottle is a departure from the traditional round wine bottle, Packamama’s chief executive and founder Santiago Navarro is confident the time is right for Australian winemakers to respectfully challenge a couple of centuries of tradition.

“Australia is globally recognised as a leader in wine packaging thanks to break-through innovations, including bag-in-box casks and screw-top caps for wines, and we are highly motivated to launch our climate-friendly bottle at Coles with Accolade Wines and Taylors Wines,” Mr Navarro said.

“Coles’ ambition to be Australia’s most sustainable retailer is powerfully aligned with our ambition to deliver the world’s most scalable, sustainable bottle.”

Mia Lloyd, Coles Liquor Acting General Manager Customer, Trade Planning & Insights said it was exciting to be at the leading edge of packaging innovation with the eco-bottle.

“We know our customers want us to do more in relation to sustainability and this exclusive collaboration with Liquorland, First Choice Liquor Market, Packamama, Taylors Wines and Accolade Wines significantly reduces the carbon footprint of wine for customers every day. The lightweight and flatter eco-bottle also gives our customers a convenient new option when they’re packing for that camping or caravan holiday”, Ms Lloyd said.

Accolade Wines, who launched the eco-flat bottle two years ago in Europe, is on a mission to improve the sustainability of the wine industry and has ambitious targets to advance circular economy packaging across its entire portfolio.

“In the last 18 months alone, we have launched a variety of sustainable and innovative packaging solutions including wine in cans, wine on tap, bagnums, as well as a world-first circular, sustainable packaging solution for on-premise partners,” said Sandy Mayo, Accolade Wines Global Chief Marketing Officer.

“We chose Banrock Station to launch the eco bottle in Australia, because the environmental credentials fit perfectly with the brand’s 25 year sustainability heritage and its commitment to forging a more sustainable future for the planet. By purchasing Banrock Station wine, wine-lovers can rest assured that they are doing something positive for the environment while enjoying delicious, sustainably-made wine from South Australia,” Ms Mayo said.

The potential for the eco wine bottle to improve the carbon footprint for winemaking is important for Taylors Wines particularly given that viticulture is one of the most climate-sensitive agricultural businesses.

But it’s not just the environmental credentials of this bottle that set it apart – the lighter, unbreakable recycled PET plastic bottle is much more convenient for picnics or popping in the esky on holiday.

Taylors third-generation Winemaker and Managing Director, Mitchell Taylor said the eco-bottle delivered a more sustainable bottle for consumers and provided another way for wineries to improve their carbon footprint.

“We know that Australian wine drinkers are very open to innovation when it provides real benefits, like this sustainable eco-bottle does,” Mr Taylor said.

“Australia led the global change from cork to screwcap and Taylors was the first major producer to bottle all our wines under the closure. 

“We believe Australians will again lead in adopting this more sustainable bottle.”

Banrock Station Eco-bottle Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir, $16 a bottle
Taylors One Small Step Eco-bottle Chardonnay and Shiraz, $16 a bottle

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Packamama is the newly established climate tech packaging business designed for a circular economy and offering packaging protecting Mother Earth. Believing in the far-reaching opportunity that packaging offers to be a force for good, Packamama is on a mission to help create a low carbon future in the drinks industry, starting with better wine bottles: multi-award-winning, eco-bottles that save space, weight and energy to slash carbon emissions. This tackles the wine industry’s carbon footprint hotspot of round, glass bottles. Packamama is powered by a production network of industry leaders spanning Australia, the UK and the US. A passionate team at their London UK HQ and in Melbourne, and soon California too, provide forward-thinking wine companies and brands with the packaging and production to implement Packamama’s IP-protected portfolio of innovative, climate-friendly bottles into their businesses and across the world. | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram 

About Accolade Wines  

Headquartered in Australia, Accolade Wines draws on a proud heritage, with Houghton established in 1836 and the first grapes crushed at Hardys winery in 1857, to become a world-leading provider of luxury, premium, mainstream, and commercial wines. With three of the top 10 wine brands in the UK and two of the top 10 in Australia, Accolade’s rich and diverse portfolio is made up of distinguished wine brands including Hardys, St Hallett, Petaluma, Houghton, Grant Burge and Banrock Station and modern wine brands such as House of Arras, Echo Falls, Madam Sass and Jam Shed shaking up the global landscape.
Accolade is a fully integrated business, managing the entire supply chain from grape to glass. With more than 1400 employees in over 40 countries around the world, Accolade delivers approximately 276 million litres of wine to 130 countries every year. The company is committed to the sustainable growth of our business and the industry. Through our relentless innovation, global sustainability strategy, and the partners we engage with, we endeavour to have a positive impact on the industry and communities in which we operate.

About Taylors Wines

Taylors Wines was founded in 1969 by Bill Taylor Snr. and his sons, Bill, and John. Wine merchants at the time, they set out to bring to life their passion for famous French clarets and established a promising site in South Australia’s Clare Valley near the Wakefield River. Taylors Wines continues as a family-owned and operated wine company, with the third generation at the helm. Taylors’ unique blend of ‘old world’ estate philosophy, ‘new world’ winemaking innovation and zealous attention to detail has seen the family winery awarded more than 7,500 medals and trophies at prestigious wine shows the world over. The Taylor family is committed to functioning in a responsible and sustainable manner, nurturing both land and sea. In 2021, Taylors was the first independent Australian winery to commit to the Science Based Targets initiative with a target to reduce its Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 50% by the year 2050. For more information, visit

* not including bottle cap

Eco bottles made entirely from Australian-sourced 100% recycled PET plastic is helping to reshape the carbon footprint of wine by targeting the industry’s environmental hotspot, the glass bottle.

Santiago Navarro, CEO & Founder of Packamama

Eco-bottle targets wine industry’s carbon hotspot

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