Coles set for a ‘crackling’ Christmas

Coles has unveiled its biggest and most delicious Christmas yet, with more than 150 new and improved Coles products to provide a new twist on the classic Christmas.

04 October 2018

Innovation from the Coles kitchen set to take Australia by storm

In an Australian supermarket first, Coles will offer a traditional ham topped with crispy crackling, a festive family favourite sausage roll shaped in a Christmas wreath and sumptuous lime and chilli flavoured ready-to-eat Aussie prawns.

A brand new gourmet pate infused with Prosecco is also set to add some sparkle to summer entertaining.

New for dessert will be a decadent Christmas pudding flavoured ice-cream and a luxury toffee apple wreath pudding, which add to last year’s smash hits gingerbread ice-cream and finest butterscotch and gingerbread pudding which will make a comeback this year due to popular demand.

Coles Chief Operating Officer Greg Davis says much of the delicious new range has been created in Coles’ development kitchens.

“Coles has worked with a team of chefs, product developers, nutritionists, farmers and food producers who have spent thousands of hours over the past year to perfect this new range and we know customers will be really excited about what has been created to make life easier for them this Christmas,” he said.

“Our Christmas range is a great example of how we are expanding and creating innovative products that customers can’t get anywhere else. It’s not just about providing the very best value but also giving our customers something special to help them impress their family and friends this Christmas.”

Crackling ham image

Coles is also proud to work directly with some of Australia’s best growers and food producers to provide customers with the freshest produce and ingredients for Christmas.

Thanks to growers including Marie Piccone from Manbulloo Mangoes and Tony and Sandra Ceravolo from Ceravolo Orchards, Coles will sell more than 10 million Aussie mangoes and double the number of cherries on offer to customers this year.

Prawns are set to become even more of a favourite on Australian Christmas tables, with 70 per cent of all prawns sold at Coles being in the three days leading up to Christmas.

Inspired by Coles Fresh Advisor Curtis Stone, Coles will also introduce new lime and chilli infused prawns in stores across Australia two weeks before Christmas.

The prawns are sourced from family run business, Pacific Reef Fisheries, near Townsville and customers will simply be able to peel their prawns and enjoy the subtle zest of lime with the sweet hum of chilli – taking the sweetness and the seafood flavour of the great Aussie prawn to the next level.

roll wreath image

The sausage roll Christmas wreath will hit stores on 26 November and is packed with 100% Aussie beef mince, ham, roast vegies, cranberries and fennel for a hint of Christmas spice – all wrapped inside a crispy, golden puff pastry.

As part of its Christmas offering, Coles is once again proud to be supporting children’s cancer charity Redkite with $2 donation cards and 20 cents from each sale of Gerry the Gingerbread cookie.

For the first time, Coles has also developed a new range of Redkite Christmas products – from a Belgian choc pop to a plush toy, mug, sticker book, Christmas cards and more – with funds supporting kids and young people affected by cancer.

Coles set for a ‘crackling’ Christmas

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