Coles Group steps up parental leave to support team members and their families

31 August 2022

Coles Group is strengthening and expanding the support available for current and new team members across its stores, distribution centres and support centre who are preparing for parenthood or adjusting to being a new parent.  

From tomorrow, for both primary and secondary carers, team members can now access paid parental leave benefits without having to wait, with the 12-month service eligibility period for team members to apply for parental leave being removed.  

For secondary carers, Coles is increasing paid parental leave from two weeks to four weeks paid leave. The secondary carers leave will now be able to be taken up to 24 months after the birth, adoption, or surrogacy birth of a child, instead of the current 12 months. And Coles will be offering flexibility in how the leave is taken, for example one day, multiple days, or in blocks of days. 
To improve outcomes for primary carers receiving government paid parental leave, superannuation payments will also be introduced with team members to receive that leave based on the minimum wage when primary carers leave is not being paid.   

Coles is also formalising its policy for those team members who pregnancies sadly don’t go to plan, with paid parental leave extended to primary carers who suffer a pregnancy loss (stillbirth) through birth, adoption, or surrogacy.  

Coles Group Chief of People and Culture Kris Webb said that these changes will go some way to helping team members planning their family.

“We want to make Coles a great place to work for all team members. This means supporting them through significant life moments such as planning to welcome a new addition to their family,” Kris said.

“For people who are having a child and wanting to work for Coles, we don’t want them to feel they need to wait to receive primary carers leave, because we know that this is not always possible. No one should feel they need to hold off having a family because of their job.

“We also are pleased to be extending our secondary carers leave because we know how important it is for primary carers to have the support of their partners during these important times of their lives.  This policy applies to team members who work in our stores, our distribution centres and our store support centre, so it’s really expansive and we hope will make a big difference to our team members planning to grow their families.”

Coles Group Chief People Officer Kris Webb

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Coles Group steps up parental leave to support team members and their families

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