Coles GRAZE lamb back by popular demand, with bigger range to support Tasmanian producers

More premium cuts of 100% grass-fed Tasmanian lamb at Coles as customer demand hits annual peak

18 January 2021

Australians who love lamb are in for a treat, with Coles bringing back its popular GRAZE Lamb range for summer adding new cuts to the menu including grass-fed lamb fillets, backstraps, marinated shoulder, Frenched shanks and extra trim cutlets.1

The grass-fed lamb range is sourced from Tasmanian lamb producers with pristine growing conditions and high animal welfare standards.

Coles was the first Australian supermarket to offer a lamb range which comes entirely from lamb that graze freely on lush green Tasmanian grass for a leaner, natural-tasting and premium quality product.

With barbecues firing up for summer celebrations, January is the most popular month of the year for customers to enjoy lamb, with chops a favourite. This week, Coles will sell more lamb than at any other time of year with sales of lamb chops increasing by 20% compared to December 2020.

The new cuts arriving in store from today add to the popular range launched last year including mince, roasts and loin chops which were awarded Product of the Year for 2021.2

Coles General Manager for Meat Charlotte Gilbert said GRAZE Lamb is offering customers a high quality, grass-fed option and the range has helped reinvigorate Coles’ lamb offer.

“We sell over 20 million kilograms of lamb each year, so we know our customers already love lamb. The GRAZE range is truly something special for those who are looking to serve up a great value premium product to their friends and family,” she said.

“Grass-fed meat is sought after by chefs for its trusted premium quality, natural taste and high Omega-3 content, and we were delighted to be the first retailer to offer grass-fed lamb for our customers to enjoy at home. We are excited to be adding new products to the range and we are only able to achieve this great quality product thanks to our fantastic Tasmanian producers.”

The introduction of GRAZE lamb created a new market for 65 dedicated Tasmanian producers, with Coles supporting the local Tasmanian industry by increasing the number of lambs expected to be purchased from around 100,000 in 2020, to180,000 in its second year.

Third-generation farmers Lauchie and Sarah Cole are owners of 1,000 hectare intensive, mixed property in the Northern Midlands of Tasmania and say it’s the perfect place to produce quality grass-fed lamb.

“We pride ourselves on producing a premium product in all aspects of our business. When given the opportunity to participate in the Coles GRAZE Tasmanian lamb program we were 100% committed. The program provides us surety to supply and the ability to lock in price and quantities allowing us to manage commodity price risk and of course the opportunity to support a Tasmanian branded program, influencing consumers to choose a sustainable grass-fed product,” they said.

“Tasmania produces high quality, consistent produce with lamb being no exception. To see our lamb flourish in such a pristine environment prior to processing provides the Coles GRAZE Brand confidence in our promise and charter to supply what consumers are searching for.”

Background on the Coles GRAZE program:

  • The Coles GRAZE program was developed in 2014 in consultation with the Cattle Council and is based on the principles contained in the Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System (PCAS).
  • Under the Coles GRAZE program, farmers are required to meet high standards in animal husbandry and pasture management standards which are independently assessed by industry auditor AUS-MEAT.
  • Unique to the industry, the GRAZE program also specifies cattle and lamb are never fed grain to supplement their diet. Farmers can feed grain to animals if grass is unavailable, however it will then be sold as conventionally farmed product.
  • Under the Coles Tasmanian GRAZE Lamb Production and Claim Requirements:
    • Animals are born in Tasmania and are traceable back to birth
    • Have had access to graze open pasture their entire lives
    • Have been fed as per the eligible and banned feeds lists
    • Have not been confined for the purpose of intensive feeding for production
    • Have not been treated at any time with antibiotics.
Coles Graze Lamb Leg
Lamb producers Lauchie, Sarah, Tom and Zara Cole
Coles Graze lamb mince

For further information, please contact Coles Media Line (03) 9829 5250 or

1 Graze Lamb fillet available at 171 stores, backstraps available at 454 stores, marinated shoulder at 385 stores, Frenched shanks at 256 stores, extra trim cutlets at 579 stores.

2 Graze Lamb mince available at 802 stores, shoulder roast at 810 stores, boneless lamb leg roast at 803 stores, lamb loin chops at 733 stores.

Coles GRAZE lamb back by popular demand, with bigger range to support Tasmanian producers

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