Coles and beef producers get “appy” to make life easier on the farm

Next generation eNVD App to help producers make more informed decisions

29 April 2021

The Coles meat team is working together with Aussie cattle farmers to pilot the next generation of its electronic National Vendor Declaration form (eNVD) App to help producers save time on traceability paperwork and make better future purchasing decisions.

Coles is unveiling a game changing development to the Coles eNVD App in the lead up to Beef Week 2021. Developed with Sapien Technology, the app first became available for beef suppliers to use in 2019. Users will soon be able to receive feedback on their consignments directly through the app, making the information easily accessible in a timely manner and enhancing the accuracy of consignment information which will continue to improve the integrity of the supply chain.

The first generation of the eNVD App provided the user with National Vendor Declaration and other consignment documentation such as Meat Standards Australia (MSA) and National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS) declarations. It enabled copies to be electronically sent to the transporter, the abattoir and the producer, providing instant access to necessary information while reducing the need to handle paper documentation.

The latest upgrade builds on these capabilities by featuring data on performance, an overview of financial results including average price per head and total amount for the farmer’s cattle and compliance to Coles grids. It also adds MSA information and results including average data on attributes like MSA Index, rib fat, pH levels, meat colour and ossification of the consignment.

Coles General Manager of Meat Charlotte Gilbert said the important new features will provide easily accessible information to producers quickly and all in one place.

“By collaborating with our producers and industry bodies to bring this to life, we are evolving the Coles eNVD App to deliver even better outcomes for Aussie beef producers. We truly are winning together, which is something the Coles meat team is really passionate about,” Charlotte said.

“Customers want traceability of their food, they want integrity in production and we need to help deliver that. The new feedback feature of the eNVD App allows for concise, timely information to be delivered back to our suppliers to help them tailor their consignments to processor needs and plan for cattle coming into the supply chain.”

Beef producers Andrew and Lauren Winks from the Nooroomba Feedlot at Maidenwell in South-East Queensland are one of several cattle farmers who have tested the new features of the app and provided valuable feedback.

“It's simple to use, it’s quick, there’s no three pieces of paper you’ve got to fill out, it builds from one question to the next and you have all the information available in your top pocket,” Andrew said.

“The information provided will help us improve the quality of the product in the long run and it certainly helps improve the consistency of the product coming through because we have the information of the last consignment of cattle delivered quickly and easily so we can make better decisions on the next,” Andrew said.

“We don’t have to spend as much time in the office because all of the information is bundled into one application and is accessible anywhere, anytime on mobile phone. It certainly helps going forward when you go to make purchasing and drafting decisions about which cattle are suitable to go to market.”

Click here for a  video you can use of Andrew and Lauren Winks talking about the development of the eNVD app at their property in Maidenwell.

High-res images of Andrew and Lauren Winks are available here.


At Coles, we care about the food that you eat and we care about our producers and the industry. That’s why all our delicious Coles Brand fresh beef is 100% Aussie and has No Added Hormones.

We work with over 1,000 Aussie beef farmers and partner with Australian farmers and suppliers who share our passion for meat, including where it comes from, and how it is produced. That's why all our tasty Coles Brand fresh beef is 100% Australian with No Added Hormones.

Coles is proud to be a major sponsor of Beef Week and is excited to be bringing the following activities to the event:

  • Cooking demonstrations and product sampling with former MasterChefs Courtney Roulston and Michael Weldon • Education session on how to break down a carcass
  • Schools program – ‘Kids in the Kitchen’ segment for local schools
  • Listening Session with selected farming families
  • Meet our team who will be attending seminars to stay up-to-date with industry trends
Beef producers Andrew and Lauren Winks in Maidenwell in South-East Queensland

Coles and beef producers get “appy” to make life easier on the farm

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