Aussie icons unite to give the humble hot cross bun a mitey makeover

VEGEMITE and hot cross buns come together for the ultimate Aussie bakery delight

27 December 2021

Coles’ award-winning hot cross buns are getting a mitey makeover this year with Coles launching a brand new flavour combination in partnership with Bega Cheese Limited – the VEGEMITE Hot Cross Bun.

Available in more than 700 Coles supermarkets nationwide from December 27, the limited-edition combination of sweet and savoury is the latest in a series of flavour mash-ups from Coles, which has previously wowed customers with buns in Lamington, Raspberry and White Chocolate and Sticky Date and Butterscotch flavours.

Best toasted and slathered with butter or grilled toasted sandwich style with lots of melty cheese, the soft buns are infused with VEGEMITE and parmesan and finished with an indulgent tasty cheese topping.

Bega Cheese Limited Executive General Manager Adam McNamara said combining the iconic Aussie spread and one of Australia’s favourite bakery treats made perfect sense.

“VEGEMITE is one of those things that makes Australia wonderful. We couldn’t think of a better way to bring together two of Australia’s favourites – VEGEMITE and hot cross buns. We think that VEGEMITE fans will be delighted with this new combination,” said Adam.

Coles General Manager of Bakery, Deli and Seafood, Andy Mossop, said customers had responded positively to Coles’ previous twists on traditional products, and he expected VEGEMITE hot cross buns would be no different.

“We know how much our customers love hot cross buns at Easter, and we know how much they love VEGEMITE, so we decided to merge these two icons to create a delicious, savoury spin on hot cross buns that champions iconic Aussie flavours,” he said.

“It’s important to us at Coles to have some fun with flavours, and we always want to give customers something they’ve never had before, but ultimately it has to taste great.“

Our teams have put a lot of time and work into fine-tuning the recipe to ensure we have the perfect flavour profile so the signature VEGEMITE savouriness shines through in a way we know our customers are going to love.”

Available from 27 December, the Coles VEGEMITE hot cross buns are $3.50 for a 4-pack and join the classic 6pk range including Coles’ CHOICE recommended Traditional buns and Coles’ CHOICE recommended Chocolate buns.

The full range which was awarded CANSTAR MOST SATISFIED last season, also includes Apple & Cinnamon 6pk, Fruit-Free 6pk and Gluten free chocolate and traditional 3pks. Limited-edition varieties such as Sticky Date & Butterscotch and Salted Caramel are also available from Dec 27th with further flavours introduced throughout the season.

Vegemite Hot Cross Buns have now launched at Coles

Aussie icons unite to give the humble hot cross bun a mitey makeover

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