A slice of pub meal heaven

Coles launches the Chicken Parmigiana Pizza

06 June 2019

With more dinner options than ever before, choosing what to eat can be difficult – eat at home, order a pizza, duck down to the pub? Well, Coles has just made things a little easier by combining two of Australia’s most popular meals into one – introducing the Chicken Parmigiana Pizza!

Coles Limited Edition Chicken Parmigiana Pizza is loaded with sow-stall-free ham, mozzarella and parmesan cheese and crunchy, southern-fried popcorn chicken that’s 100% Aussie and RSPCA approved, all piled onto a stone-baked pizza base. While its great taste may be inarguable, it will likely launch the biggest pizza debate since the timeless “pineapple” argument – is it a Parma pizza or a Parmi pizza?

It’s mere semantics when you consider the pure culinary delight of rolling one of Australia’s favourite take-way meals and a favourite pub meal into one. Coles Head of Convenience, Louis Eggar said the Chicken Parmigiana Pizza was another example of how Coles is obsessed about delivering products that customers will prefer above all others.

“When we combined our burger sauce and chips our customers went mad for it, so we thought what next? We know Aussies love pizza and we know that a lot of people’s go-to meal at the pub is a chicken parmigiana, so for us it was a combo made in heaven – and best of all, they can cook it in the comfort of their own home.”

The Coles Limited Edition Chicken Parmigiana Pizza is available for $5 in the Chilled Ready Meals section at supermarkets throughout Australia and online. It is also available through Uber Eats at selected Coles stores, alongside ready-to-heat and ready-to-eat items such as roast chicken, deli salads and frozen desserts.

Coles Chicken Parma Pizza

For further information, please contact Coles Media Line (03) 9829 5250 or media.relations@coles.com.au

A slice of pub meal heaven

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